Sustainable Asset Management since Hundreds of Years

Franz P. Wamsler is from a well established family of entrepreneurs in Munich. He grew up in Munich, went to school in the United States and started his career as a stock market trader. He was partner of a Swiss private bank and prior to this, general manager of a German private bank.

His greatgrandfather, Friedrich Wamsler was a royal Bavarian cooker- and oven supplier. His son, Friedrich, expanded the traditional Munich firm through innovations, he was a member of the Bavarian parliament and in the year 1900 one of the significant founders of the FC Bayern Munich e.V. football club. His father, Peter Wamsler expanded the familiy business and became managing partner of a private bank as well as a successful real estate developer.

His maternal great-greatgrandfather, Franz-Xaver Schmederer augmented the Paulaner Brauerei, one of the most famous "original" breweries in Munich. At the end of the last but one century, he sold it and aquired a great agricultural property (together with brewery and distillery), which still remains an actively administered family property up to today.

Over the intervening years, Franz P. Wamsler himself has been responsible for managing the fortune of his family: "It is even more difficult to preserve the hard worked for and earned money over generations, than to manage assets: In the past century there was the challenge to survive two world wars and several economically difficult scenarios. Roller coaster like ups and downs appeared on the daily agenda."